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Golden Hills – Sherman Heights California

Golden Hills - Sherman Heights

Golden Hill is a neighborhood south of Balboa Park and North of Sherman Heights/Highway 94 (M. L. King, Jr. Freeway) and East of Downtown. Golden Hill is one of San Diego’s most historic and architecturally eclectic zones, with many pre-1900 homes and condos. It is in walking distance of Downtown, City College and much of Balboa Park. On average the home values are less then other parts of San Diego. Houses and Condos are for sale in Golden Hill in the mid-$300,000. Condos are starting in low $100,000 and top off at $400,000. Houses are starting in the low $200,000 and a handful of them go up over a Million. Partly why some houses valued so high in Golden Hill is because they were built in the early 1900’s and have the historical tag to them by the Historical Society. Some of these homes are quiet large with views of the downtown and Balboa Park.

Sherman Heights is a neighborhood bordered by Golden Hill to the North, Grant Hill to the East, East Village to the West, and Logan Heights to the South.

Artists and musicians have long favored the area more so since being priced out of areas like Little Italy, Eastern Downtown and Hillcrest. Golden Hill is also host to two outdoor concerts a year, the Golden Hill Block Party and Kate Sessions Fest. The Golden Hill Block Party happens the last Saturday prior to Halloween. In 2006, the Kate Sessions Fest made its debut in Golden Hill Park. Both outdoor concerts are free, all-ages events, organized by local artists and musicians, featuring local bands.

Golden Hill is also home to the Women’s History Museum and Educational Center, which recently celebrated its 25th year as one of the only comprehensive women’s history museums in the country. Located at 23rd and Broadway, the museum offers a wide range of current and historical artifacts, and information about the contributions women of all cultures and experiences have made to the world and the San Diego region.