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Mission Beach California – Like Atlantic City

Mission Beach

Mission Beach is the closest thing in San Diego to classic East Coast beaches like Atlantic City and Coney Island. At one time, it was a thriving summer circus of vacation rentals, carnival games and other seaside concessions. Over the years, bungalows have been turned into condos and hot dog stands have been replaced by hot night clubs, but the circus is clearly in town to stay. Expect to find all kinds of free-spirited folk, sporting all kinds of styles – from dreadlocks to designer jeans – and styling all kinds of sports – skating, skateboarding, surfing and cycling. But that’s only one side of the Mission Beach story. A stone’s throw from the beach, on the Mission Bay side, you’ll find middle-age professionals out for a run, kids learning to sail at the Aquatic Center, and families picnicking on the grass.

North Mission Beach from Pacific Beach Drive south to the Roller Coaster is predominantly residential, with funky apartments along the beach and, out on the main drag, funkier clothing stores, smoothie bars and head shops. Many locals here forego material pleasures for the opportunity to live at the beach and revel in the carefree joys of youth. So relax, join the party and understand that in M.B. a torn thrift shop sofa serving as patio furniture is no eyesore, but a proud declaration of independence.

Most of the action centers around Belmont Park at the intersection of Mission Blvd. and West Mission Bay Drive where you can ride the historic Giant Dipper roller coaster, or rent a set of rollerblades to ride up and down the boardwalk. This is where all walks of life all go out for a walk, a ride, a roll, a stroll, a surf, a beer or a bite to eat – or simply to watch other people out doing their thing. Rock on.

South Mission Beach offers the same scene and scenery found in North Mission, but the pace slows as you continue south, until you reach the end of the boardwalk, the end of the beach, and the end of the road at South Mission Beach Park. Here fishermen cast their lines off the jetty and watch the boats pass in and out through the Harbor Channel. You’d never know it to look, but a half-mile off the coast are a series of shipwrecks, placed here to create an artificial reef and a diver’s Disneyland.

Mission Beach Real Estate is comprised of houses and newly built beach front condos starting in the high $800,000. You may find a small 1 bedroom condo one block off the boardwalk for less then $400,000 but those units are limited. Investment purchases of houses and condos in Mission Beach or 92109 is a popular choice in today’s market. Many of the houses or condos in Mission Beach are used as vacation rentals, and these are fetching top dollar for weekly stays.